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Mario Tiné

I am a born Petrolhead with solid experience in the Automotive business with 2 outspoken passions: sales & sports cars!

At the re-launch of the ALPINE brand in 2018, I got the opportunity to participate in the commercial development of the brand at ALPINE Antwerp and I grabbed it with both hands.

The glorious past in racing, both in rally competition and on circuits, have made ALPINE an iconic brand name that fascinated me enormously, and then there is the singular vision of ALPINE owner Jean Rédéle around building sports cars in which sports cars whereby racing as a database provided the design of the next sports car on the road.

The future of ALPINE looks bright with several new models to be launched in 2024/25/26, although the brand will have to take a completely different path as only 100% electric cars will be built to meet the new standards imposed.