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Keep your car in top condition!

An accident is often in a small corner. Of course, we hope that you never suffer any damage, but that is not always insurmountable. At Alpine Antwerp, damage to your car is always repaired quickly and expertly according to the manufacturer's standards.

In our Antwerp branch, we repair all types of car damage, both for private and business customers. We guarantee an excellent level of safety and quality of the vehicle after the repair, because we use original parts and repair methods of the brand.

If desired, a replacement car will be waiting for you and the settlement with the insurance company will be arranged by us.

You can count on a replacement car during the period of repair.
Your damage is repaired by a team of specialised people.
You are guaranteed a 1-year warranty on all bodywork parts.
You have a guarantee on the work carried out.
You do not have to worry about the administrative side of things; we will be happy to take this over for you.
Transparent rates.